The renewable energy maps for solar and wind available today for public use on the Global Atlas are as good as 1km in spatial resolution, globally and quite extensively validated compared to 10-40km maps sparsely validated at inception. Besides the platform also provides tools and all sorts of simulators.

For renewables zoning, an innovative method was developed for solar and wind - grid connected and off-grid, in collaboration with leading institutions. This was demonstrated on West African countries, and has since been replicated either wholly or with slight modification both internally in other IRENA initiatives and externally, notably by ECREEE for advisory services to their sponsor countries on power generation planning and EUTAP in the context of planning for a solar energy corridor for West Africa.

For site appraisals, the Agency in 2016, using the data capabilities of commercial time series providers in its network demonstrated the need to revise the current project development process if at all global goals of universal access to energy and global decarburization of energy systems are to be achieved in the next few decades.

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