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IRENA’s outreach to members of parliament

In many countries, parliamentarians play a significant role in the decision-making process that shapes energy and related policies. Legislators, who are not necessarily specialists in that field often need key knowledge to carry out their main functions of law making, budget approval and oversight of policy implementation. Disseminating knowledge and targeted information, and facilitating exchanges of experiences and best practices can contribute to streamlining their process of review, assessment and deliberation over relevant legislation, and hence support their ability to take decisions that could lead to the acceleration of the energy transition

Parliamentarians are also representatives of their constituency, and as such they can bolster public support for the deployment of renewable energy. Reciprocally, they are often the primary recipient of public concerns regarding renewable energy policies or projects. Members of parliament are therefore in a unique position to give an insight on the main concerns that need to be addressed in order to lower barriers stemming from local communities. Facilitating dialogue and exchanges between members of parliament and supporting them to amplify their voice with the executive branch and also with other key decision makers at regional, local or city level, as well as with other groups of stakeholders, such as the private sector and civil society can also contribute to the development of a better understanding of renewables, the dissemination of related knowledge and the sharing of experiences.

With a view to disseminate relevant and up-to-date information, establish an active network of renewable energy champion, and facilitate exchanges of information and best practices, IRENA is building its engagement with members of parliament globally.

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