Africa’s economy is growing at unprecedented speed. One of the core challenges, as African countries continue to grow and develop, is energy: meeting rising demand for power, transport and other uses in a way that is economically sustainable and safeguards livelihoods. Economic growth, changing lifestyles and the need for reliable modern energy access is expected to require energy supply to be at least doubled by 2030. For electricity it might even have to triple. Africa is richly endowed with renewable energy sources, and the time is right for sound planning to ensure the right energy mix. Decisions made today will shape the continent’s energy use of decades to come.

The world is increasingly embracing modern renewable energy technologies. For many years they have been supported because of environmental and energy security concerns and are now seen as the most economic option for the development of the energy sector. The use of modern renewables is growing in Africa, and fostering this growth is imperative. Africa possesses vast renewable energy resources – not only hydropower, but plentiful sunshine, strategic wind patterns, and other renewable power-generation possibilities. This largely untapped wealth offers opportunities for the continent to meet its fast-growing power needs and ensure sustainable economic growth for generations to come.