Quality & Standards

Sound standardisation processes and quality infrastructure can support innovation in renewable energy by providing confidence to the public and investors in the adaption of these breakthrough technologies.

Quality & standards level the playing field for innovative and commercialized products, providing harmonized information for trading in a global market and mitigating technical risks by understanding the required performance and services of each RE technology.

IRENA’s work advise policy-makers on how to develop quality assurance mechanisms and implement standards both at the national and regional level to achieve a wide spread deployment and scale up of renewable energy in the future.

Quality Infrastructure

To implement quality assurance mechanisms an institutional infrastructure is required, and this is known as quality infrastructure (QI).

A national QI encompasses different components which are closely interrelated such as: standards, metrology, testing, certification, inspections, accreditation and quality management systems.

IRENA recent work on QI comprise a trilogy for renewable energy technology (RET) focus in guidelines for policy makers, solar water heaters and small wind turbines.


INSPIRE (International Standards and Patents in Renewable Energy) offers information to the users on what are and how to use patents and standards for the deployment of RET and facilitates a dialogue between the different stakeholders on these topics.


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