Regional Market Analyses

Building on IRENA’s growing body of work in policy, finance, costs, potentials, technology and roadmaps, the Renewable Energy Market Analyses aim to capture the wealth of knowledge and experience in a region and identify emerging renewable energy trends and themes at the intersection of public policy and market development. So far, IRENA has published two such analyses one focusing on the Gulf Cooperation Countries and Latin America and is currently developing the study on South-East Asia.

The studies encompass the broader economic and energy sector trends as well as renewable energy investment and policy developments in each region and addresses issues of specific relevance as ‘in-focus’ discussions.

A key feature of the Renewable Energy Market Analyses is the contextualisation of renewable energy development within the political economy of the regional and national energy transition. Such a holistic approach is necessary to identify non-technical and non-financial barriers facing renewable energy deployment, identify synergies with energy efficiency and undertake measures to address key risks.

Regional Market