The Lighthouses Initiative Quickscan  allows islands to quickly assess their readiness to deploy renewable energy in the power sector.  The Quickscan is government-led and is supported by analysis from IRENA or other partners of the Initiative. It aims to:

  • Establish a government-verified baseline for the readiness of large-scale renewables deployment;
  • Facilitate an opportunity for stakeholder engagement and endorsement of renewable energy;
  • Identify critical barriers to renewable energy deployment;
  • Identify opportunities for high impact projects in individual islands or groups of islands;
  • Gather references for the measurement of progress on barriers and opportunities.

The core of the Quickscan is a targeted questionnaire covering seven elements that are critical to a successful transition to renewable energy:

    • 1.Institutional Framework
    • 2.Knowledge Base
    • 3.Planning
    • 4.Financing
    • 5.Deployment
    • 6.Capacity Building
    • 7.Cooperation

The Quickscan involves engagement with government experts and other stakeholders, and collects supporting data to validate answers provided.

The results of the Quickscans are analysed to produce a score chart identifying specific barriers to or opportunities for renewables deployment in each small island developing state (SIDS), regionally and among islands with shared characteristics. A Quickscan can be completed on a regular basis to measure progress in the areas identified.

Quickscan Scorechart

Quickscan methodology in detail  (hyperlink to a PDF, to open in a browser, in a new tab, to be provided)

Any SIDS, Lighthouses partner or other entity interested in the Quickscan process may contact IRENA at islands@irena.org