Site Appraisal Service

What is IRENA’s Site Appraisal Programme?

IRENA’s site appraisals simulate the financial viability of a wind or solar project at a particular site. The wind or solar resource potential and the possible costs, financing and revenue associated with the specific site are assessed. The appraisal generates scenarios of financial performance based on the confidence determined in the resource data or the power purchase agreement model analysed.

The site appraisal is conducted using hourly high resolution wind and solar time series datasets within an IRENA custom-built model and can be applied at any location worldwide. Appraisals are offered within the agency’s technical assistance programme to partners of the SIDS Lighthouses Initiative.

A site appraisal report for xxxx is available here [Link to Sample Report – to be provided]

Who can request a site appraisal?

Officials from ministries, utilities and government-backed renewable energy developers in island partners of the SIDs Lighthouses Initiative can request appraisals.

IRENA issues quarterly calls for sites from participating islands. The process begins with a “Notice of Intent” in which countries will be asked to indicate their interest in benefiting from a site appraisal. There will be a subsequent call, after which eligible sites will be selected.

[May talk about current call if the website comes after and the first call if it comes before]. [Link to general requirements – same as proposal but on one pager]


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